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Our Story & Our Mission

How it all began...
Our story began many years ago when we only supplied handmade/bespoke wedding invitations and other small wedding related items.
During our time standing wedding fayres and speaking to brides we noticed a common problem occurring among the majority of people planning their wedding...
They expected planning their wedding to be a magical experience and it simply wasn't as enjoyable as they thought it would be.
 - They were struggling to find time to make wedding plans within their already busy lifestyle of work, children etc
 - They were worried about their budget and feared they would not be able to have their dream wedding
 - Back then they had countless magazine cut outs (nowadays it is screenshots on their phone) which are all images of things they liked while searching for ideas but that is as far as they had got with no clue of where to source

This is when we decided to expand ourselves to be able to help any bride with any wedding matter, keep within their budget, remove the stress and make the whole wedding planning experience exciting and a reality for them once again.

Fast forward to today...
(and after plenty of hard work, research and training)
We can now confidently say that we can take on ANY wedding task and it won't cost a fortune. After all - why should it be only the rich or famous that can afford to have their own personal wedding planner!

So how do we do it?...
We have designed Solitaire Wedding Services so people can come to us for anything or everything by offering a huge variety of products, services and package deals to suit everybody. 

We have 3 separate Bespoke Services for
 - Stationery
 - Venue Dressing
 - Wedding Planning

Each of these 3 Bespoke Services has its own individual price list and package deals offering great value for money. We then offer additional discount on top if you use more than one of the services so that is discounted discount (works wonders for wedding budgets as you end up getting so much for your money) and your still only having to deal with one company. 
Our services are completely bespoke so every item and every service is done to suit you and your budget so you don't need to compromise or disregard anything. We hand make many of our items so they will be done exactly how you imagined them and you won't find them anywhere else. You can have it all and completely your way. 

To lighten the stress even more...we offer payment plans to help spread the cost with no interest charged!

There's extras too...
We are big believers in it's the little things that make a wedding big. By adding all your little touches, it turns your perfect day into the most unique and unforgettable wedding for both you and your guests.
So, as well as our 3 Bespoke Services we have additional handmade/personalised products which regularly get added to our website so be sure to follow us on social media so you don't miss any announcements.

However big or small your wedding is you can have piece of mind that you will receive a friendly, professional, bespoke service from  a company that is always happy to help and support.
We are constantly expanding our supplier network, our portfolio design range and our knowledge to offer you the greatest possible service at the best possible price and stick to our mission of being a ONE-STOP-SHOP for anything wedding.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and now go and make yourself a brew or a glass of wine if it's not too early, sit back, relax and take a look through our website which is loaded with information, services and products. We also offer FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATIONS so contact us today and we can arrange to come and visit you in your own home where we can discuss everything with you, answer all your questions and bring a selection of our handmade products for you to look at.